Psychological Counseling Cell

The outbreak of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 created lot of mental trauma, and stress among the people in the entire world. Every sector be it politics, economics, education etc got affected in one or the other way. The shift of the teaching-learning process from offline to online mode also put a tremendous amount of stress and strain both on student as well as teacher community. In order to cope up with these psychological pressures, the Psychological counselling cell of the institution become more active with the following objectives : 

  1. To understand the psychological problems of students.
  2. To create awareness about promotion of mental health.
  3. To create awareness about COVID19 mitigation.
  4. To provide awareness about substance abuse menace.
  5. To come up with the redressal mechanism for psychological problems of students and faculty.
  6. To organize programmes for strengthening mental among students and staff.
  7. To create awareness about specially abled children.
  8. To come up with redressal mechanism of problems of specially abled children.

The psychological counseling cell of the institution organizes various programmes for understanding of various psychological problems related to family, Mental Health,  sex, broken relationships, death of father/mother, peer pressure, COVID-19 pressure, examination pressure etc. It creates awareness among students and staff about psychological needs of students. It suggests remedies to these psychological problems through individual or Group Counselling. Psychological Counselling Cell organizes programmes for students to make them aware about the career opportunities. It also aware the students and staff about the problems being faced by especially abled children.


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Dr. Huda Galzai



Prof. Tazyeen Buchh



Prof. Kasira



Prof. Samina Yesvi



Prof Redwan Nayeem


6 Dr. Sidrat Ul Muntaha Member
7 Prof. Arifat Jan Member
8 Dr. Parvez Ahmad Member