Department of Economics

Department of Economics has been established in the Year 2012

Courses Offered

UG Courses

Name of Interdisciplinary Courses and the Departments / Units involved

Skill course for UG students of 4th, 5th and 6th semester.

Faculty Details




Exp (Years)

Prof. Manzoor Ahmad Hajam


Assistant Professor


Student Teacher Ratio: 80:01

Student Enrolment

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Class / Semester

No. of students enrolled


BG Semester 1st



BG Semester 2nd



BG Semester 4th



BG Semester 5th



BG Semester 4th (Skill Course)



BG Semester 5th (Generic)


Teaching Methodology

Traditional lecture method aided by board and marker is the basic method adopted for teaching. Along the verbal delivery of lecture, the graphical and mathematical interpretations are also ensured.In addition to traditional lecture method, active participation of students is ensured by involving students in preparing presentations and assignments on some topics. This enables the students to have a deeper understanding of the topics being taught in the class. Use of smart classroom is made wherever the syllabus demands. Remedial classes are also arranged for the weaker students.

Details of Infrastructural Facilities

a) Library: The department has a good number of books in the College library to cater the demands of the students.  Indian authored books as well as foreign authored books are part of the library.Text Books as per the syllabus prescribed by Kashmir University are available for the students. Number of books are being added every year to enrich the library.

SWOC Analysis

Strength: Student-teacher relation has always been the strength of our department. Students are always encouraged to ask question and teachers always try to give an agreeable answer to it. The students are given a free will to provide their theoretical interpretations  as well as policy making opinions.Ever supportive principal and rich library facilitates the teaching learning process.

Weakness:  Most of the students come from poor and backward family and thereby cannot attend classes regularly as they have to provide economic support to their family. A greater chunk of students are first generation learners and making them understand different angles of a theory becomes a bit cumbersome. Unreliable transport system is also one of the reasons to keep students away from the college.

Opportunities: The learners are always made aware of the wide scope for their future. Efforts are made to develop the overall personality of the students by giving them opportunities of interaction with the senior faculty members of other institutions by means of special classes. They are made aware about vast number of career opportunities in the subject to enhance their interest.

Challenges: The main challenge is to enhance the percentage of attendance of the students in classes and to motivate the students to perform better in the examinations of the university. Moreover the enrollment in the subject is a basic problem to get checked.  Because of the mathematical background of the subject, students do not usually opt for it. The main task is to infuse a mathematical temper in them.