Department of Kashmiri

About the Department

The Department of Kashmiri was established at Government Degree College Pampore in the year 2017. The Department aspires to be a leading center for development of Kashmiri language by integrating modern and contemporary concepts, skills and technology. The department offers a six semester course in Kashmiri subject under choice base credit system. The aim of department is to acquaint the students the value of Kashmiri Language as a subject which is one of the oldest languages of the region as far as the semantics of Kashmiri language is concerned. The Department also focuses on interdisciplinary and integrated learning based on classroom lectures, Seminars and workshops on different subjects.


To disclose the value of life through literature inculcated with moral principles.


To sustain the department with acquisition of literally knowledge, communicative skills, creative ability, critical thinking, academic research and other arts.


  • To enhance the learners with an in-depth knowledge of Kashmiri Language and literature.
  • To develop the communication skills through LSRW skills and creative thinking of learners.
  • To prepare the students for lifelong learning.
  • To instill human values of literature in learners moulding them to be responsible citizens of society.

Courses Taught

  • Kashmiri language and literature
  • Kashmiri language: its origin and relation with other classical languages like Sanskrit and Persian.
  • Phonetics
  • Structure of poetry
  • Contemporary poetry.
  • Progressive Literature.
  • Short stories and Dramas.
  • Criticism
  • Mysticism

Faculty Profile:

Name: Sami Ullah Rather
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D, Post Doctorate (Pursuing)
Specialization: Textual Difference
Teaching Experience: 2 years

Research Profile:

Books: 08
Research papers: 12
Workshops and Conferences: 6
Presentations: 8