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Library Rules and Regulations

Main Objectives of the Library

  • To provide documents, information and environment that can be helpful in imparting education, promoting research and development thereby leading to improved education system.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The entry will be restricted to library identity card holders.
  2. The readers are requested to keep their personal belongings at the entrance of the library.
  3. Books will be issued (subject to availability) for a period of 30 days in favour of faculty and 15 days in favour of students.
  4. A fine of Rs. 01/- per day per book will be charged to students after the due date.
  5. Reference Books, Rare Books, Periodicals and Journals should not taken out of the library.
  6. Under special circumstances, the library authorities may refuse the issue of book/s or recall the book/s already issued from any member.
  7. Books may be renewed on request or at the discretion of the librarian.


  1. The library is to be used for the purpose of academic study, research and for consultation of subject and other related material.
  2. Every user in the library shall respect the rights of other users.
  3. The use of cell phone in the library is forbidden.
  4. Users are not permitted to consume food in the library.
  5. Every user must retain book/ journals in its original place after its use has been served.
  6. The library staff is not responsible for any loss of any personal property brought into the library.
  7. Dog-earing the pages of a book/s, marking, or writing there in with ink, pencil or highlighter or tearing out its pages or otherwise damaging it, will constitute an injury to a book/periodical.
  8. Any such injury to a book is a serious offence. Unless a borrower points out the injury at the time of borrowing the book, he/ she shall be required to replace the book or pay its double cost.
  9. In case of multi-voluminous books if a single book is injured or lost he/ she has to replace the whole set or pay double price of the set.