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IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

Message from Coordinator IQAC

The IQAC was established in 2018. Since its inception it has worked on promoting quality initiatives and quality culture in the institution. It is a strong pillar of the institution to review the teaching learning process, methodologies of operations and learning outcomes for quality and excellence. It will conduct regular meetings with all stakeholders (faculty, students, parents, experts, philanthropists, civil society members and Alma mater).  The feedback so collected will be analyzed and used for institutional improvements. It will strive hard to collaborate institution with other reputed institutions, industries, and Govt. / Non-Govt. organizations through functional MOU’s. For uplifting the institution in terms of quality and excellence IQAC will contribute significantly for institutionalizing the Quality assurance strategies and processes like;

  • Integration of ICT in teaching learning process like use of IFPD’s , Smart boards, social media platforms, PowerPoint presentations and online teaching learning APPs to improve teaching learning pedagogies.
  • Seeking course outcomes and curriculum transaction and evaluation plans at the commencement of every course.
  • Enrichment of the central library.
  • Formation of annual activity calendar at the beginning of academic session.
  • Adjust supporting teaching staff on academic arrangement basis.
  • Organising seminars/webinars for innovative teaching pedagogies.
  • Workshops for use of ICT enabled tools for teaching learning.
  • Parent teacher meets and student feedbacks to improve teaching learning process.
  • Meet the faculty programs to know the faculty.
  • Presentations of SSR in front of faculty members to collect general feedback.
  • Departmental presentations for NAAC.
  • Continuous internal evaluation through mock tests, assignments, presentations and Viva- Voce etc.
  • Ensures the participation of maximum number of students in co-curricular activities like awareness programs, gender equity, youth building, peace, sports activities, cultural activities, NSS, Eco-club, EBSB, Literary club and entrepreneurship development programs etc.
  • Establishment of Multi-purpose Hall for indoor games and other activities.
  • Availability of computers for good student computer ratio.
  • Hygienic and well maintained college canteen.
  • Strives to maintain institutional landscape.
  • Extension lectures of interdisciplinary approach.
  • Publication of college magazine and newsletter.
  • Initiatives for development of sports field.
  • Wi-Fi facility and increase in band width speed.


With Best Wishes,

Coordinator IQAC

Prof. Lateef Ahmad Shah


  • To develop and ensure quality culture and sustenance of excellence in all its practices.



  • To build a systemic approach which helps in moving towards academic excellence.
  • To be a driving force for ushering quality that will permeate in every sphere of the institution.
  • To promote innovative practices in teaching learning and evaluation.


  • To develop a constructive system for improvement in academic and administrative performance of the system.
  • To promote the quality culture and institutionalization of best practices in our institution.
  • To facilitate integration of various activities under the aegis of IQAC.


  • Striving for quality as a bench mark for all academic activities of the college.
  • Ensuring use of technology in teaching, learning and evaluation.
  • Collection of feedback from different stakeholders, analysis of feedback and ensuring action taken/follow up.
  • Organization of webinar, seminars, FDPs, awareness programs, workshops on cross cutting issues.
  • Documentation of various activities and preparing academic/activity calendar leading to the quality improvement and accountability staff and students.
  • Academic auditing for development of quality culture in the college.
  • Overlooking preparation for 1st cycle of NAAC, organizing departmental presentations ensuring NAAC preparedness, documental evidences and upgrading of services.
  • Acting as a nodal agency of the college for coordinating all quality activities and best practices.


  • (Dr.) Seema Naz (Principal) ____________________Chairperson
  • Hilal Ahmad Bakhshi __________________________Coordinator NAAC
  • Shah Lateef _______________________________________Coordinator IQAC
  • Shabir Hussain Lone  _______________________________Co-Coordinator IQAC
  • M.Y. Peerzada (Director Colleges) ___________________Member
  • Alam Ara Shah _______________________________Coordinator (Criterion 1st)
  • Aijaz Manzoor ________________________________Coordinator (Criterion 2nd)
  • Samiullah Rather _____________________________Co-Coordinator (Criterion 2nd)
  • Mohd Tahir Khan ___________________________Member (Criterion 2nd)
  • Mohd Iqbal Malik ___________________________Coordinator (Criterion 3rd)
  • Shabir Hussain Lone _________________________Co-Coordinator (Criterion 3rd)
  • Ashaq Hussain Wafaye ________________________Coordinator (Criterion 4th)
  • Zaffer Manzoor ______________________________Co-Coordinator (Criterion 4th)
  • Aaliya Bashir ______________________________________Coordinator (Criterion 5th)
  • Ashaq Rashid ______________________________________Co-Coordinator (Criterion 5th)
  • Manzoor Ahmad Hajam __________________________Member (Criterion 5th)
  • Prof Shah Lateef __________________________________Coordinator (Criterion 6th)
  • Irfan Ahmad Bhat _________________________________Co-Coordinator (Criterion 6th)
  • Irfan Khursheed Shah _____________________________Coordinator (Criterion 7th)
  • Mohd Iqbal Dar __________________________________Co-Coordinator (Criterion 7th)
  • Nadeem Qadri (Environmental Lawyer) _______________Civil Society Member
  • Bashir Ahmad Mir (Former Principal, JKHED) _____________Civil Society Member
  • Mr Arshid Ahmad Mir ___________________________________ Junior Assistant
  • Arif Rasheed ________________________________________________Student
  • Wahid __________________________________________________________Student




  • Departmental Presentation of Department of Economics, GDC Pampore.

  • Celebration of “Teachers Day 2021”

  • Demonstration Lecture on Functioning of IFPD, Organized by IQAC, on 13/09/2021

  • Parent Teacher Meet on 23/08/2021

  • Alumni Association Meet on 01 August 2021

  • Online Parent Teacher Meet on 29th July 2021

  • National Webinar on the theme “E – Learning, Assessment Techniques: The Teaching is Different in 2021” on 20th June 2021

  • Online interaction under the banner, Meet the Faculty of Commerce, Library, Sports and Music for BG 1st Semester Students on 10/06/2021

  • Online interaction under the banner, Meet the Faculty of Science for BG 1st Semester Students on 07/06/2021

  • Online interaction under the banner, Meet the Faculty of Arts and Humanities for BG 1st Semester Students on 01/06/2021

  • One day seminar on “Mental Health: The Psycho-Social Wellbeing for Students”

  • One Day Seminar on the theme “Learning Outcomes Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF)” on 10/03/2020


  • Scholarship Awareness Programme on 24/02/21

  • One Day National Webinar on “National Education Policy 2020”

  • IQAC organizes webinar on E-Assessment tools

  • Extension Lecture and Demonstration for Faculty Members on “How to Prepare a Google Form”