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Department of Physics

An Introduction

The department of Physics, Government Degree College, Pampore was established in the year 2018. Since then, the department has gained strong identification on account of valuable teaching learning programmes. More and more students are now opting for Physics as the subject has beauty of inculcating the quest about nature and its phenomena. The department housed in the main building. Presently the department has two laboratories, one stands for Dark Room. Prior to the establishment of department in the college, desirous students from the area had to go different districts to obtain bachelor’s in science.

There is separate building coming up for Science block as well. The department is well equipped well versed.

Teaching Faculty

S.No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
01 Prof. Hilal Ahmad Bakshi M.Sc., M.Phil. Associate Professor
02 Prof. Irfan Ahmad Bhat M.Sc., NET-JRF, GATE Assistant Professor


Curricular Activities: The main curricular activity is carried through virtual class room and Google Class Room activities, however many a times the students are made to visit sites to get acquainted with the natural phenomena. As per departmental calendar, students are being taken to various labs, sites & power plants.

Co-Curricular Activities: The department is going to organises Science fair in coming future & seminars to promote an interest in the study of science particularly physics.


The department of physics at GDC Pampore is committed to the programme of teaching and learning that is firmly rooted to the discipline. Department offers a course that is purly theoretical & is supported by practical courses as well.

Programmes Offered

  • B.Sc 1st Semester – Mechanics
  • B.Sc. 2nd Semester – Electricity & Magnetism
  • B.Sc 3rd Semester – Thermal Physics & Statistics and  Skill paper: Renewable Energy & Harvesting
  • B.Sc 4th Semester – Optics & Waves
  • B.Sc 5th Semester – Modern Physics
  • B.Sc 6th Semester – Solid State and Electronics


1 Class Room, 1 Dark Room, Books and Internet Facility


  1. Basic measuring equipments: vernier caliper, screw quaqe, speedometer
  2. Fly wheel
  3. Bar pendulum
  4. Torsional pendulum
  5. Kater’s pendulum
  6. LCR Circuit
  7. Table telescope
  8. Spectrometer
  9. Newton’s rings apparatus
  10. Electric Kettle
  11. Stefan’s constant kit
  12. PN junction diode kit
  13. FET apparatus
  14. Sonometer with tunning fork
  15. Maxwell’s needle
  16. PNP diodes

Procurement Equipments

  1. Febry Perot
  2. Specific charge of electron by thomson method
  3. Helical method
  4. Optical bench
  5. GM Counter
  7. Regulation of Zener diode
  8. Planck’s constant
  9. Resolving power of telescope
  10. Magnification of telescope
  11. Traveling microscope
  12. Young’s modulus by bending of a beam
  13. Electric vibrator

Curriculum Transaction :