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Department of Mathematics

An Introduction

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 2012 and has a privilege to be one of the founding undergraduate departments in the college. The Department of Mathematics offers exciting programs for undergraduate students. Undergraduate students seeking a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Mathematics can choose from the following concentrations: differential calculus, integral calculus, real analysis, differential equations, numerical analysis, graph theory and group theory. The department’s course offerings are broad providing students with the breadth of opportunity associated with much larger educational institutions, along with the personalized attention that is the hallmark of our college. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, the department offers a vibrant environment for professional development and scientific discourse. Regular visitors to the department present on the latest research findings in Mathematics and introduce students to careers that build upon the knowledge base and skill sets developed in our degree programs.

The department produced good results in the past at regional and national level and many of our students have either completed their university education or they are on rolls in the Post-Graduate Department of Mathematics in universities and leading institutes of the country.

The department has presently a single faculty member,  Nisar Ahmad Sofi.


  • To strive for creating mathematically educated human resource.
  • To motivate students to take Mathematical Sciences as their career option.
  • To popularize Mathematical Education.


  • Developing ability in Mathematical Logic and Reasoning Computation and Mathematical Formulation.
  • To teach the essence of the subject and its use as a tool in other disciplines.
  • To encourage students to participate in Quiz, Motivation Lectures, Workshops, Conferences etc.
  • To provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application.

Staff Strength

S. No Nature of Posts Number
1. Teaching Staff 01
2. Non-Teaching Staff 00
3. Total 01

Faculty Profile

S No Name Qualification Designation
01 Nisar Ahmad Sofi
Mob.: 788991588
Email: [email protected]
MA, M.Phil, B.Ed
Assistant Lecturer

Detail of Course Offering

S.No Title of the Course Semester  Course Link to the Syllabus
1  Differential calculus/integral calculus.  


2 Differential Equations 2nd.


3 Real analysis




4 Abstract  Algebra 4th.


5 Plane and solid geometry/

numerical analysis



6 Advanced calculus/

Laplace transformer



7 Linear Algebra/

Theory of probability

6th. DSEC
8 Graph Theory/

Boolean Algebra

6th. SEC


  • Department of Mathematics is one of the earliest approved departments of the college.
  • The college library has rich collection of books pertaining to different branches mathematics.
  • A good number of students are opting for the subject.


  • Lack of Facilities in the form of Computer Labs and Software Packages.
  • Lack of Interaction of our Students with the Students of Other Colleges/ Universities.
  • Students Lack Interest in Taking National Level Competitions like NET, GATE etc.
  • Students Lack Interest in Opting Mathematics as a Subject at Undergraduate level.


  • Creating a Conducive Atmosphere for Students to Change the Attitude of Apathy towards Mathematical Learning.
  • The motivation for Perusing Higher Education in IIT’s, ISI’s, TIFR, CMI and other Leading Institutes of the Country.
  • Helping Students to use Adequate Subject Matter for Cracking Various Examinations like NET, GATE, and SET etc.


  • Devising Course Contents as Per the Standards of IIT’s, TIFR, HRI and Leading Institutes of the Country.
  • Making our Students to Interact with the Students of Other Universities of the Country.
  • Organising Workshops and Seminars of National
Academic Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester 5th Semester 6th Semester
2018-19 100%  
2019-20 100% 100% Awaited



CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The main curricular activity is carried through virtual class room and Google Class Room activities, however many a times the students are made to visit sites to get acquainted with the natural phenomena. As per departmental calendar, students are being taken to various labs, sites & power plants.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The department is going to organises Science   fair in coming future &  seminars to promote an interest in the study of science particularly chemistry


The department of chemistry at GDC Pampore is committed to the programme of teaching and learning that is firmly rooted in the discipline. Department offers a course that is purely theoretical & is supported by practical courses as well.

Programme Offered

  • B.Sc 1st Semester : Inorganic and organic
  • B.Sc 2nd  Semester : Physical and organic
  • B.Sc 3rd  Semester : Inorganic ad physical
  • B.Sc 4th  Semester : Coordination chemistry and spectroscopy
  • B.Sc 5th  Semester : Nuclear chemistry and physical chemistry

Teaching Faculty

Rukhsana Malik (Contractual),Mphill,B.ED,PGDCA
Experience =9 years